What’s coming…

The 2023-2024 concert season will be a season of change. Concluding a process begun last spring, we selected three talented finalists for the position. Each will conduct a concert this season:

Veronica Salinas at the Mexican Gems and Spanish Treasures concert on Nov. 5 with Elizabeth Janzen, flute.

Richard Frazier on March 9 with Joseph Choi, piano and many vocal soloists at the A “Rhapsody” of American Music concert.

Beau Benson on May 12 with Augusta Schubert, violin at the Triumph of the Creative Spirit concert.

We also have three wonderful guest conductors for our remaining concerts:

Brent Baldwin on Sept. 23 with Isaac Bustos, guitar at the In Nature’s Realm concert
Jarred Kennedy on Dec. 15 with Jessica Mathaes, violin at the Happy Holidays! concert
Jacob Schnitzer on Feb. 3 with the string soloists and Vamp Vocals at the Texas Rising Stars concert.

The season ends with our Associate Conductor, W.P. Sterneman conducting the Zilker Park concerts on June 7 and June 8 titled Video Games Soundtracks.

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