Our Mission

To provide high-quality musical experiences to a broad spectrum of the Austin community and surrounding areas.

The Austin Civic Orchestra (ACO) is a non-profit civic organization that has been around since 1977. The ACO is devoted to bringing high quality music to the community and providing a musical outlet for professional and non-professional musicians alike. The ACO performs six to eight concerts each season, all of which offer programming to suit a wide variety of musical tastes, from traditional classics to pops and most everything in between. Presented at assorted convenient locations in the Austin area, the relaxed atmosphere and affordable cost have proven appealing to this community.

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Lois Ferrari

Lois Ferrari is Professor of Music at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and has been a member of the faculty since 1993. Maestra Ferrari also serves as host and clinician for the bi-annual SU Conductors’ Institute in instrumental conducting. As ACO Music Director, Dr. Ferrari was awarded 2nd place in 2016 and 2012 for the American Prize in Orchestral Conducting. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music, where she received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in conducting, Maestra Ferrari received a full doctoral fellowship and was appointed Assistant Conductor of the renowned Eastman Wind Ensemble. Originally a Long Islander, Dr. Ferrari now resides in Georgetown with her husband, Dr. Paul Gaffney, and their two cats, Buddha and Gandhi.

Assistant Conductor

W.P. Sterneman III

Gus Sterneman is now in his 6th year as Assistant Conductor with the ACO. He holds a Master’s degree from Butler University in Indianapolis with a double major in Instrumental Conducting and Music History and a Doctorate in Opera Conducting from Arizona State University, where his dissertation focused on Benjamin Britten as a conductor and musical interpretation. A former member of the ACO, performing on horn from 2002-2007, he also has a Bachelor of Music in Music Theory from Southwestern University. Gus spends his days with his wife Mary teaching their two children the finer points of musical theatre.


Violin I

Carolyn Richards-Chacon | Concertmaster
Bob Brockett
Kiva Ebert
Raymundo Garcia
HaNul Jun
Sherri Marcus
Lynn Petro
Clint Plumlee
Dawn Smith
Julienne Smith
Philip Smith
Sol Swords

Violin II

Dario Landazuri | Principal
Kyle Bryson | Assistant
Colin Bryson
Deborah Byers
Ferris Duhon
Dianne Eichenseer
Andrew Goolsbee
Carrie Houston
Irina Marinova
Evan Nave
Ellen Williams


Eugene Gott | Principal
Brett Osburn | Assistant
Shelley Bowers
Xavier Garcia
David Kaplan
Mark Leger
Elizabeth Li
Art Monzingo
Charles Stolze
Emma Strub
Amanda Tofflemire
Ronda von Sehrwald
Paul Zagieboylo


Jarrod Tuikka | Principal
Tani Barr | Assistant
Ben Bachmeier
Sarah Crawford
Judy DeWitt
Linda Epps
Sandy Hayes
Madeline Horrell
Scott McKenzie
Cecile Morgan
Caleb Sebolt
Tabitha Vanderstoep
John Whitney

Double Bass

James Sproat | Principal
Kathy Petheram | Assistant
Brendan Koeppen
Jasper Munden
Gia Rocco Gallela


Lisa Lamb | Principal



Sharon Davis | Principal
Mattie Kotsur
Megan Landsberg
Marcia Gillespie-Norder (Piccolo)


Madeline Warner | Principal
Trish Olives (English Horn)
Margie Yankeelov


Kathleen Bohn | Co-Principal
YuHua Oliphint | Co-Principal
Laura Gorman
Stephen Savage


Amy Crandell | Principal
Aurel Garza-Tucker
Melissa Vauk


French Horn

Christine Simpson | Principal
Alyssa Collins
Kathy Nolen
Toni Powell
Denise Stiglich


Jose Yznaga | Principal
Jack Godwin
Randy Howard


Ruben Ramirez | Principal
Jesse Nolen
Robert Tung (Bass)


Mike Lynch | Principal

Percussion and Piano


Tim Shuster | Principal
Kyle Garza


Claudine Lucena | Principal


Ian Fry | Co-Principal
Alan Smith | Co-Principal


The Austin Civic Orchestra performs and operates under the leadership of the Board of Directors, Officers of the Board, and Orchestra Staff.

Board of Directors

The function of the Board of Directors is to oversee budget management, publicity, venue selection, and fund-raising. The following is a list of the ACO board.

Jarrod Tuikka
Carolyn Richards-Chacon
Vice President & Past President
Aurel Garza-Tucker
Secretary & Social Co-Director
Melissa Vauk
Treasurer & Social Co-Director
Keith Manlove
Technology Director
Trish Olives
Creative Director
Madeline Warner
Marketing Director
Amy Crandell
Education Director
Ben Bachmeier
Tani Barr
Kim Berger
Andrew Goolsbee
Mike Lynch
Brett Osburn
Amanda Tofflemire

Orchestra Staff

The following key staff members bring high-quality classical music to the stage.

Lois Ferrari
Music Director
W.P. Sterneman III
Assistant Conductor & Equipment Manager
Brionna Barksdale
Public Relations | Business Manager
Jose Yznaga